Goldman Sachs Participates in $50MM Bitcoin Funding for

Wall Street has definitely found Bitcoin!

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin - Goldman Sachs Participates in $50MM Bitcoin Funding for

Last week it was announced that, a Bitcoin startup, had raised $50,000,000 in venture funding from a group which included Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital Partners and other Wall Street and Silicon Valley investment firms. This round of funding brings the total venture funding in to $76,000,000 according to Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle.

Goldman’s participation is important because it shows that Bitcoin is truly, TRULY being accepted by mainstream venture capital firms who do NOT want to miss out on the payments revolution. Mr. Allaire also notes that Goldman could even eventually become a partner,

And, the participation of IDG Capital Partners is extremely noteworthy, too, because they are located in China and could help Circle and Bitcoin expand into that country.

All of this activity caught the attention of the main stream media, too. As Coindesk notes “Media Ga-Ga for Goldman Sachs” in a recent article noting all of the press surrounding the funding.

As more and more traditional investing power houses flood into Bitcoin and Bitcoin technology isn’t it time the online MLM business begins to take notice, too?

Bitcoin is able reduce transaction costs with a totally non-recourse payment system that is available to anyone worldwide with a computer or mobile device.

Ask your favorite MLM program or affiliate project why they aren’t accepting Bitcoin today.



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