Bitcoin Gains Flexibility in the Middle East

BitOasis is now available in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin - Bitcoin Gains Flexibility in the Middle EastMiddle East Based Bitcoin Wallet and Purchase Platform BitOasis is now available in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar and is soon expanding to Saudi Arabia and Egypt according to Co-Founder Ola Doudin.

According to Doudin, BitOasis currently has over 20,000 customers and the BitOasis website FAQ’s indicate that there will soon be a Bitcoin to Fiat functionality.

The expansion of Bitcoin into the Persian Gulf region and the recently announced “No VAT on Bitcoin in the European Union” continues to add functionality and use expansion in more regions around the world.

As noted by Coinfox, Qatar is the richest country in the world as measured by GDP (per capita based on purchasing power parity) and Kuwait and Bahrain are in the top 15.

One can only imagine the future demand for Bitcoin from these countries alone as it’s acceptance and ease of acquisition and use continue to grow.

Stay tuned. . . . .


image: http://www.leonardo.sk

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