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Coinbase Expands to the United Kingdom

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin - Coinbase Expands its Services to United Kingdom

In it’s quest to dominate the Bitcoin World, Coinbase, a Bitcoin wallet, exchange and merchant platform, has announced expansion into the United Kingdom. Yesterday’s announcement as reported by Coinbase, Coindesk and other cryptocurrency news reporting sites indicates that Coinbase is bringing their full suite of services to The UK.  This array of services includes the purchase and sale …

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Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Chairman, Bets Big on Bitcoin

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin - Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Chairman, Bets Big on Bitcoin

Reid Hoffman, Chairman and Co-Founder of LinkedIn, is investing big in the Bitcoin industry. As a full time partner at venture capital firm Greylock Partners, he helped steer $20 Million of Greylock funds to Xapo, a Bitcoin wallet and storage company. In addition, Mr. Hoffman participated in a $21 million seed round investment in Blockstream along with …

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London Angling to be the World’s Bitcoin Hub

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin - London Angling to be the World’s Bitcoin Hub

It appears that London is pushing ahead of New York and Silicon Valley in an effort to become the Bitcoin Hub for the World. Already the center of a $5 TRILLION dollar a day global currency market London and the British Government are angling to become the foremost financial technology center in the world. While Silicon Valley …

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More Charities Accepting Donations via Bitcoin

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin - More Charities Accepting Donations via Bitcoin

More and More Charities are accepting Bitcoin and for two primary reasons: (1) To save money on transaction fees, and; (2) To reach a younger, more internet, mobile savvy audience. Save the Children has been been accepting donations since November of 2104, and, because of the 0% transaction fees available to charities through Bitpay (a …

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JPMorgan Chase is Worried about Bitcoin and Silicon Valley

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin -

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of America’s Largest Bank, JPMorgan Chase, is worried about Bitcoin and Silicon Valley. “Silicon Valley is Coming”, Dimon said in a recent letter to shareholders wherein he acknowledged the competitive threat posed by Bitcoin and other payment alternatives. Large, entrenched institutions such as “Too Big to Fail” Money Center Banks like JPMorgan …

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Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Accepts Donations via Bitcoin

TheNearlyDailyBitcoin - Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Accepts Donations via Bitcoin

Bitcoin has crossed over into the U.S. Presidential Elections! Rand Paul, the Libertarian Kentucky Senator who announced he is a candidate for the Republican Presidential Nomination last week is accepting donations for his campaign via Bitcoin. Not only is he the first 2016 Republican candidate to accept virtual currency donations but is quite probably the first …

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Ex-Nike CIO Joins Bitreserve a Bitcoin Startup

We continue to see more and more mainstream companies lose top quality talent to Bitcoin Companies. Something important must be happening in the Bitcoin space for such a talent migration to continue apace. A recent example is former Nike CIO Nick Watson who has taken the job of President and COO of Bitreserve, a next-generation money service …

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